Name Phone Web Site
Academy of Healing Nutrition 1-646-812-0091 Web Site
Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences 1-855-668-0958 Web Site
Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts 1-928-636-1389 Web Site
Alternative Medicine College of Canada 1-514-270-5318 Web Site
American Council of Animal Naturopathy 1-505-715-6617 Web Site
American Fitness Professional & Associates 1-609-978-7583 Web Site
American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness 1-877-587-8481 Web Site
American School of Natural Health 1-813-445-4202 Web Site
AMNAH College & Clinic 1-844-266-2426 Web Site
Ayurvedas World - Holistic and Ayurveda Education Center in New York City 1-212-260-6084 Web Site
Cadence Health and Nutrition 612-9400-9759 Web Site
College of Holistic Health 1-855-445-8845 Web Site
Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine (+357) 24-82 33 22 Web Site
Diet For Living School of Natural Nutrition 1-505-243-1157 Web Site
Divine Blessings Academy see web site Web Site
Doula Training International 1-917-524-8079 Web Site
D'Rose Institute of Urevia Healing 1-269-671-4455 Web Site
Equilete 1-810-338-5404 Web Site
European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts +48 662382453 Web Site
Excellent Living Institute 1-817-576-2949
Genesis School of Natural Health 1-605-639-0575 Web Site
Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center 1-609-456-3888 Web Site
Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine 1-614-299-9438 Web Site
Healthy Solutions Colon Therapy & Nathuropathic Training 1-876-469-3973 Web Site
Holistic Arts Institute 1-916-644-3167 Web Site
Holistic Healers Academy 1-973-551-0097 Web Site
Holistic Learning Centers Inc 1-888-HLC-0878 Web Site
Holistic Nutrition Lab 1-503-866-8079 Web Site
Indian Board of Alternative Medicines 0091-33-2486-5910 Web Site
Institute For Holistic Living 1-505-554-4976 Web Site
Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology 1-512-349-9677 Web Site
Institute of Transformational Nutrition 1-888-445-8159 Web Site
International Association of Wellness Professionals 1-888-836-2362 Web Site
International Center for Integrated Therapy & Education 1-860-889-4690 Web Site
International College of BioEngetic Medicine 1-800-509-5592 Web Site
International Health Coaching Enterprises 1-480-684-4476 Web Site
International Institute of Emotional Empowerment 1-800-695-0575 Web Site
International Institute of Original Medicine 1-410-884-9319 Web Site
International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine 1-877-888-8970 Web Site
iPec Coaching 1-732-982-8155 Web Site
KCFitnessLink 1-816-256-4443 Web Site
Kingdom College of Natural Health 1-888-295-7304 Web Site
Luna Holistic Homestudy (0044)161-408-2706 Web Site
Maxi Wellness 1-678-756-1405 Web Site
Mindhance Holistic Learning Center 1-520-861-6632 Web Site
Natural Therapy School Soria Natural +34-975-252046 Web Site
Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies 1-215-469-7827 Web Site
Northwestern Connecticut Community-Technical College 1-860-738-6300
Om Wellness Institute 1-248-920-6595 Web Site
Parker Hannifin School of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences 1-440-799-8400 Ext 219 Web Site
Pure Vitality Practitioner Course 1-770-920-7873 Web Site
Quantum Institite International School of Holistic Health 1-808-626-5087 Web Site
Rittenhouse Reflexology Seminars 1-530-275-5079 Web Site
Spencer Institute 1-877-348-6692 Web Site
The Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies 1-805-625-2571 Web Site
The College of Naturopathic Medicine 01342 410 505 Web Site
The Energetix International College of BioEnergetic Medicine 1-800-990-7085 Web Site
The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) 1-905-985-7550 Web Site
The School of Modern Naturopathy 1-646-360-1643 Web Site
The School of Natural Health Sciences, SNHS Ltd 34 952 486 340 Web Site
Trichology Certification 1-310-286-9909 Web Site
University & College of Natural Health 1-888-397-9394 Web Site
University of Metaphysical Sciences 1-707-822-2111 Web Site
University of Mount Shasta 1-530-918-6062 Web Site
University of Professions and Sciences 1-562-256-1919 Web Site
Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness 1-800-225-2816 Web Site
Westbrook University 1-304-797-7550 Web Site
Yogananda Institute 1-310-396-9900 Web Site
Yonkers Wellness Center 1-914-457-7807 Web Site

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