Who is eligible to apply for Board Certification?

Any doctor or practitioner who practices "drugless" therapies or methodologies.


Most organizations charge an annual fee, does the AADP?

No, there is a one-time certification and application fee. Once a member, always a member.


Once I'm a member, do you charge for consultations on how I can increase my existing practice?

No, you can email or call us with practice building questions at no charge.


Can you help me find professional liability insurance?

Yes, as a member, we can give you an insurance company referral.


My wife & I are practitioners, can we get a discount on the certification fee?

Yes, if two or more people in the same office join. Call us for details.


Can practitioners outside of the United States apply for certification?

Yes, the AADP is made up of practitioners located throughout the world.


Can I have a list of your members mailed to me?

To prevent solicitation, we do not mail out a complete list of members. If you would like to find a practitioner in your area, please email your zip code to referrals@aadp.net.


Can you help me with office forms?

Yes, as a member we can send you samples of office forms, questionnaires, disclosure letters and advertising ideas.


Do I need to graduate from a school listed on your site to be eligible to join?

No, we recognize all educational institutions. Once we receive your application and documentation we will contact you if we have questions.


If I have completed additional educational hours, should I send it to the AADP?

Yes, we ask our members to please keep us informed of any continued education. Email a copy of any educational documentation to newsletter@aadp.net.


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